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    This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 14 February, 2010.

    PROLINE PROTOform Pit Mat

    Price:  $39.00


Do you ever wonder what to do with the old pit towel? You use it two times, becomes inundated with grease and other chemicals, and then throw it away. PROTOform has your answer. Introducing an economical, long-lasting, and professional appearance enhancing pit mat - The PROTOform Pit Mat.

The PROTOform Pit Mat is backed with 1/16" high-density foam, is coated with a durable, long-lasting vinyl coating over the PROTOform graphic, and is cost friendly. No more do you have to worry about throwing your pit towel away with the PROTOform Pit Mat. Simply place on your pit, it's anti-skid foam backing construction does not need to be taped down to stay centered in your pit, and you're ready to go.

PROTOform Making you, your car, and now your pit look good all at the same time.

17" x 26" is size
Foam backing for a skid resistant pit mat
Long lasting and durable
Simply roll up the mat with graphic side out, secure with rubber band, and it's ready to travel

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