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    Kyosho Airstreak 500 VE RTR Brushless Boat

    Price:  $299.00

Kyosho and ORION combine to produce high-voltage power and speed!

Pure racing credentials established with new generation water-cooled brushless motor and ESC.

Kyosho combines pure racing performance of the EP Air Streak with the awesome power of ORION R/C electronics to generate an amazing amount of power generated from the compact hull of this VE version. The new design ORION VORTEX Marine brushless motor and ESC are encased in water-cooling jackets that are much more effective than cooling lines and dramatically reduce electrical resistance while cooling the motor down even when the boat is moving at slow speeds. This helps maintain high power for long periods without power loss due to heat. Also, the EP Airstreak 500 is completely factory-assembled, only requiring a Li-Po battery for the motor, a battery charger and batteries for transmitter! With performance at the top of its class, the Air Streak 500 VE can accelerate to its top speed of 43km/h in a flash. Its unsinkable hull structure and safety features such as the kick-up rudder provide peace of mind in case the boat contacts any submerged objects. Also Kyosho’s unique lower hull design balances high durability, excellent acceleration, and rock-solid stability to deliver high-performance turning capability. With ORION’s VORTEX R/C system, dynamic performance on the water has never been so easy to enjoy.

A water-cooling jacket almost completely encases the motor and ESC so high power is maintained from low to high speed and power loss is minimized.

The sealed radio box, battery room and motor room protect the electronic systems from water for secure control.

The inboard/outdrive unit delivers stable high-speed turning and features a kick-up rudder for a peace of mind if the boat makes contact with any object.

Turn fin constrains drift and realizes turning stability. Independent left-right flaps provide precision adjustment of running posture.

  • Factory-assembled Readyset complete with decals applied includes pre-installed ORION VORTEX system, all at a great value price.
  • Unique stepped V-shaped lower hull realizes high durability and produces excellent acceleration and stability for high-performance turning control.
  • Battery and charger are not included so you can add your preferred battery type.
  • Kyosho's original inboard/outdrive unit realizes stable turning, even at high speed.
  • Features unique VE decals.
  • Features the large flaps for increased high-speed stability.

ReadySet Contents
  • Factory assembled hull complete with finished color scheme
  • Pre-installed 2-channel, 1-servo Perfex KT-6 R/C system
  • ORION VORTEX Marine 500 brushless motor pre-installed
  • ORION VORTEX Marine 80A BL Controller pre-installed
  • Styrene boat stand

Required for operation
  • 7.4V-3000 - 4500mAh Li-Po battery with super connector
  • Li-Po battery charger
  • AA-size alkaline batteries x 8 for transmitter

Technical Data
1,200g (approx.)
ORION VORTEX Marine 500 brushless
R/C System
Perfex KT-6 2-channel, 1-servo
ORION VORTEX Marine 80A BL Controller