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    Thunder Tiger S2008MG HIGH TORQUE SERVO

    Price:  $75.00

S2008MG HIGH-TORQUE SERVO one of the new developments of Thunder Tiger, manufactured under the brand name ACE R / C. Serveau This falls under the category of strong manufactured for a large effort on shaft.
Designed for installation on a radio Vehicle, Aircraft, Aircraft and model helicopters.

This is a powerful Serveau ACE R / C.
Two strongholds bearing on the shaft, metal chainrings mechanism of the transmission lever base serving executed from the cut aluminum blue, a powerful electric shock and the shell of plastic provides great effort on the shaft, excellent speed, strength and high reliability.
Serveau has Futaba standard connector to connect to the receiver and works almost any system operator (ACE R / C, Futaba, Hitec, JR, GWS, etc.).

A HIGH TORQUE Serveau S2008MG with an fasteners and kachalok.

Dimensions mm: 40.4 x 20 x 37.9
Weight gr: 50.1
Efforts to shaft, kg-d cm (4.8 in V): 7.8
The speed of rotation of the shaft 60 degrees. Sec. (At 4.8 V): 0.21

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