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    RC Nitro Race Fuel A Main C2 Blue Dot 25% 2x4L

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2x 4 Litre bottles of MM Amain C2 Blue Dot Synthetic & Castor Blend 25% Nitro race fuel

What we set out to do is make a full synthetic oil based fuel that has all the protection properties as HB 444 but with increased performance, no gum residue, better throttle response and stronger idle.
These are all the things people racing wanted out of a fuel and MassiveMods is pleased to say we have achieved this with
 A Main.
MM A Main Blue C2 Dot Fuel uses the highest quality ELF Racing Methanol instead of the standard Methanol in A Main fuel. This provides super high levels of performance on the track!
A Main C2 Blue Dot incorporates a 2% Castor Oil addition.
We have managed to select an oil developed by Brian Cooper of Cooper Fuels USA. Its properties ticked every box and more.

What Brian's oil brings is:

         No residue

         Low or 0 hygrospic rating

         Bio friendly

         High flash point

         Correct viscosity and CST rating at temp

Brian's oil has delivered this and much more!


Fuel is mixed fresh and shipped direct from the factory.
RC Hobbies does not send the fuel from its Leichhardt store.

If you order fuel and combine it with other products the fuel will be delivered on its own direct from the factory and the other goods will be shipped from our Leichhardt store.
In most cases these packages will not arrive on the same day and never at the same time.
Please do not contact us if you receive one part of your order before the other.

Fuel is delivered by a special "Dangerous Goods Courier" this means no PO boxes.
Ensure that you provide a business or residential address where somebody can sign for the goods during business hours.
Fuel will not be left without a signature. No exceptions.
If re-delivery is required you will be charged a $30 fee. This is not negotiable.

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