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    Yeah Racing Lipo Battery Safe Guard Charging & Multi-Function Ba

    Price:  $25.00



  • The Lipo Battery Safe Guard is a hi-tech bag made of Fireproof Fibreglass materials that can contain a lithium polymer battery fire or charging mishap. It is easy to use. Just place your lithium polymer battery into the Lipo Battery Safe Guard and extend the charging wires through the top flap. Charge the lipo batteries when they are in the Safe Guard and you shall gain peace of mind and greater safety. In case of a lithium polymer battery charging mishap, this bag is fire-resistant, and can mitigate the ferocity of the LiPoly blaze inside and release the smoke out of the bag.
  • The Lipo Battery Safe Guard Charging & Multi-function Bag is sealed with a thick, industrial strength, Velcro flap.

  • Feature:

  • For: Lipo Battery, tools and wheels
  • Material: Fibreglass and Fireproof Plastic

  • Specification:

  • Size: (L) 185x (W) 75x (H) 60mm

  • Include:

  • Lipo Battery Safe Guard Charging & Multi-function Bag (1 Pc)
  • Sticker (1 Pc)


  • Never leave charging battery unattended.
  • Always ensure the battery is on a non-inflammable surface
  • Eusure flap is sealed while charging
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