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    Kyosho Twin Storm 800 RTR Brushless Boat

    Price:  $389.00

Jointly developed with ORION to produce high-voltage power and speed!

Large water-cooled brushless motor and ESC powered by twin Li-Po batteries takes water speed to a new level!

Kyosho combines its proven racing boat design know-how with the power of ORION R/C electronics to produce a racing boat like no other, the TWIN STORM 800VE. The new design of the ORION VORTEX Marine brushless motor and ESC are encased in water-cooling jackets that are much more effective than cooling lines and dramatically reduce electrical resistance while cooling the motor down even when the boat is moving at slow speeds. This helps maintain high power for long periods without power loss due to heat. In addition, a gear reduction unit drives a large diameter propeller to generate enough thrust for this production model to reach an incredible speed of 44km/h. You can feel the hull literally carve through the water’s surface as it accelerates from zero to full speed in a matter of seconds as the inherent stability of the deep-V hull slices through chop with ease. In addition, Kyosho’s unique inboard/outdrive unit makes deep banking turns at full speed possible as well as turning in a tight radius. The TWIN STORM 800VE is also completely factory-assembled and finished with decals and R/C system pre-installed. But in response to the demands of expert-level racers, this Readyset package comes without batteries so you can add your chosen power source to enjoy this user-friendly model with its breathtaking speed and dynamic performance.

A water-cooling jacket almost completely encases the motor and ESC so high power is maintained from low to high speed and power loss is minimized.

Features Kyosho's original inboard/outdrive unit. Stern tube is pre-glued securely in place for high strength and durability.

Includes large flaps for precision adjustment of running posture. Independent adjustment of flaps allows front-rear and left-right hull posture to be set.

ORION VORTEX Marine 800 brushless motor drives a large diameter propeller through a gear reduction unit to generate an awesome amount of propulsion.

Independent radio box houses and protects the water-cooled ESC, servos and receiver from water spray. Rudder rod is also covered in a waterproof boot.

  • Factory-assembled hull complete with decals applied and R/C system installed.
  • Pre-installed with ORION's powerful electronics and twin 7.4V battery power that delivers the fastest speeds in its class.
  • Packaged without battery and charger so you can use your preferred battery pack.
  • Power train is equipped with stainless steel ball bearings for rust resistance and durability.
  • Kyosho's original inboard/outdrive unit realizes stable turning, even at high speed.
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel screws are used throughout. Promises high durability.
  • Includes unique VE decals.

ReadySet Contents
  • Factory assembled hull complete with color finish
  • Pre-installed Perfex KT-6 2-channel, 1-servo R/C system
  • Pre-installed ORION VORTEX Marine 800 brushless motor
  • Pre-installed ORION VORTEX Marine 120A BL Controller
  • Styrene boat stand

Required for operation
  • 7.4V 3000-4500mAh super connector Li-Po battery x 2
  • Li-Po battery charger
  • AA-size alkaline batteries x 8 for transmitter

Technical Data
935mm (hull length 810mm)
2,500g (with 2 x ORION Sports Power Li-Po4000 batteries)
ORION VORTEX Marine 800 (KV 2250 / 9T / 600W max)
7.4V-3000mAh (min) Li-Po with super plug x 2
ORION VORTEX Marine 120A BL Controller (9.6-18.5V / 200A max)
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