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    Kyosho Drone Racer RTF Zephyr Force

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Kyosho’s Drone Racer is fantastic.
A group of 3 former mischievous boys are now around forty years old and senior. They have grown into the men they once looked up to as children, full of work and home responsibilities. They work late; get caught up in the hustle of city life, and maintain otherwise normal healthy lifestyles. Fast forward to the dawn of the Saturday on which they will get together again for the first time in ages. Preparing their Drone Racers and loading the car with other equipment (course), and then GO!


Unlike existing drones that are difficult to control, the sensational DRONE RACER is controlled like an R/C car with a pistol-grip transmitter. Takeoff and auto-hover with one-touch control using ultrasonic sensors that remove the frustration of learning complicated flying techniques. Now you can experience the fun of drone flying at your own pace.



Includes the latest 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P pistol-grip transmitter featuring advanced aircraft-like instrument panel. Flying height adjustment switch is installed on the base of the transmitter grip.

3.7V-1000mAh Li-Po battery
Flight time /10 minutes approx.

Includes USB auto-cut charger.
Charging time / 1-2 hours
(depending on USB power supply output)

Includes USB cable to connect the 
drone to a personal computer.


The DRONE RACER is equipped with advanced ultrasonic sensors,
6-axis gyroscope (3-axis angle speed sensors, 3-axis acceleration sensors),
barometric pressure sensor and four fast response mini coreless motors.
Speed switching function provides a choice between “Easy Mode” and “Active Mode” and
delivers direct intuitive flight control.



Patent pending
Altitude is automatically maintained with ultrasonic and barometric pressure sensors. Altitude setting of 35cm or 60cm can be selected with
a switch on the R/C system and one-touch control is used for takeoff, hovering and landing. Some people may feel frustrated in learning
drone flying techniques. Kyosho’s newly developed technology*(patent pending) removes these barriers so anyone can enjoy the fun of
flying drones. *according to Kyosho research



Patent pending
H-type chassis with split upper and lower sections and left-right propellers connected on one propeller arm allow the propeller unit angle
to be changed between: 0°, 10°, 20°. Use more stability (0°/ max speed : 30km/h) or more speed (20°/ max speed : 34.5km/h) as a
racing weapon.
Includes Arm holder 0°,10°,20°.

Patent pending
Optimal roll and yaw mixing match control from the steering wheel.

Patent pending
Uses similar control movement as a car.



The DRONE RACER is not designed for high altitude performance, but for people to enjoy flying safely within their field of vision near the
ground. A total safety system includes: removable propeller guards; “PROPELLER AUTO STOP SYSTEM” that activates in case you lose
control of the throttle; “ANGLE EMERGENCY AUTO STOP SYSTEM” if the drone becomes inverted, and “RADIO CUT EMERGENCY
AUTO STOP SYSTEM” in case the radio signal is lost. Weighing only 130g, the DRONE RACER is not subject to the Japanese aviation law
so you can fly freely anywhere you like (except in restricted areas). *as at aviation laws 10th December 2015


Model lineup features two body style designs, the G-ZERO and ZEPHYR,
which are based on a futuristic impression of car with the narrow form and
rear wings associated with formula racing cars.



Full color LED installed on front propeller units allows a selection from 6 colors. You can choose your favorite luminescent color to
use as an identifier when racing.

Features rear LED with color indicator of propeller status.

Red : flashing indicates low battery warning, when lit indicates safety function is released & can operate as tail lamp
Yellow : transmitter not connected = RADIO EMERGENCY STOP
Green: flashing indicates detecting horizontal, when lit indicates ready to takeoff and safety function is activated 
Blue : gyro calibration in progress

For easy front-rear identification the front mask features 2 bright white LEDs and the tail features red LED.

Additional features include: pairing button; LED color change; calibration correction;setting mode changing button;5V external power port;
extended LED port, and micro USB terminal.


DRONE RACER can connect to your (Windows) computer with the included USB cable to adjust flight settings. In addition, an optional
cable can also be used to connect to an Android terminal with a USB host function to adjust settings.

Download the free (DRONE RACER SETTING MANAGER) to adjust to your favorite setting and turn up the volume of fun.




Readyset Contents

  • Fuselage
  • 2.4GHz Transmitter KT-231P+
  • USB auto cut charger
  • Pinion gear replacement tool (combination binding stick)
  • 3.7V-1000mAh Li-Po battery
  • Arm holder (10°, 20°)
  • USB cable
  • Spare propeller (for one drone)
  • Quick start guide
  • Instruction manual
Required for Operation (Sold Separately)

  • 4 x AA size batteries for transmitter
  • Computer with USB port (for charging) or USB power charger (if output is more than 2A, full charge can be complete within
    one hour)
Technical Data
302mm (with guard)
300mm (with guard)
Gear Ratio
5 : 1
130g approx.
8.5mm coreless
D5 x P4
Flight Time
10 min approx.
Charging Time
1-2 hours (depending on USB power output)

30km/h approx. (normal specification)/34.5km/h approx. (with 20° propeller angle setting)/38km/h approx. (when using optional parts)
Energy density
318Wh/L (not subjected PSE)
Flight altitude
Low 35cm/High 60cm approx. (setting can be changed using software application)


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