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    Yokomo Drift Package Series Kit - Nissan 180SX

    Price:  $369.00

Tuning of the racing cars challenging, and a hyper machine wearing aero parts thrust into the corner at the speed of the race, violently tail sliding while freely manipulating the machine. A powerful drift scene passing the clipping point while hitting the counter will make your driving heart hot. 
In the Yokomo "Drift Package" series, the electric radios that reproduced the top of drift, the Works specification active in the D1 Grand Prix (Pro Drift Championship), and the more familiar street specification drift car at 1/10 scale (40 centimeters) It is a control car assembly kit.

4-wheel double wishbone suspension, high efficiency shaft drive · full time 4WD system, front and rear spool joint etc. Radio control car Yokomo "Yokomo" MR-4TC SD CM chassis and newly developed super drift tire "Zero one R "(PAT.P) enabled four-wheel drift driving, which is compatible with the overwhelming distance and angle of the D1 driver. Also, you can change the setting as well as the actual car, or you can polish with running by tune-up with optional parts, you can enjoy twin drift with group members and group drift. The exterior is faithfully reproduced the powerful aero parts, GT wing and aero mirror, painting machine original painting design. Yokomo's "Drift Package", which has the appeal as a display model in addition to full-scale drift driving, is a commitment radio control car that condenses the full appeal of drift to 1/10 scale. 

- Main Specifications - 
■ High efficiency shaft drive · Full time 4WD system 
■ High Rigidity Composite Molded Chassis 
■ Full Adjustable Type Double Wishbone Suspension 
■ Turnbuckle Specifications Alignment Adjustable Tie Rod 
■ Rigid axle suitable for drift traveling (front & rear) 
■ Front Universal Shaft & Rear Dog Bone 
■ Resin made shock absorber (damping adjustment type) 
■ Front Urethane Bumper & Rear Bumper 
■ Aluminum die-cast clamp type motor mount 
■ Spur Gear (70T) 
■ Pinion gear (30T) 
■ Ball Bearing (17 Keys) 

The chassis that is the key to driving is a drift-only chassis based on MR-4TC SD, a racing machine developed by Yokomo, the top brand of radio controlled cars that boasts 11 victories in the radio controlled car world championship and 48 victories in the All Japan Championship . The suspension around which the double wishbone type suspension supports is a reliable shaft drive train demonstrating a controllable turning performance with high stability and excellent drive efficiency, to convey the power of the motor to the road surface, It also realizes powerful driving that surpasses.