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    TEAM ORION CRF 21 3 Ports Factory RS V3 WC Edition (Off-road Eng

    Price:  $455.00

After David Ronnefalk's victory at the World Championships in Las Vegas, we are pleased to present the brand new WC edition CRF .21 3 Ports Factory RS V3 engine! As all the other CRF engines also the WC edition features the patented CRF crankshaft (PAT EP 1 787 018) with a compressor-like technology. However this is the first Team Orion CRF engine which comes with a DLC treated, black crankshaft (Diamond-like carbon) for approved durability! Compared to the standard RS engine this model comes with a modified crankcase and tuned sleeve. All this gives you a different feeling with smoother response and higher mid-range and top speed. Also the mileage could be improved. The WC edition engine comes with a Ceramic high quality bearing and is available world-wide by now!
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